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NEW! Introduction to Creative Writing Begins April 24

Workshop – Fiction Writing: Crafting Your Novel (Advanced) (F410)

with Suzanne Hoover, Ph.D. You are writing a novel ... and have worked hard to make that long-held goal come true. If you are already immersed in the writer's world of inventing and problem-solving, and are now ready for knowledgeable feedback and expert guidance, this workshop is for you.

Fran Dorf 4

“I thought [the Healing Art of Writing] was an amazing workshop.  I really liked Fran’s style of teaching.  I liked how she introduced the idea of establishing a background for the characters we write/develop- I found that to be extremely helpful approach to shaping a story that I’ve been tinkering with.”

–Allison Mahakian

“[Marcelle] was articulate – clear and interesting presenter…I loved the High/Lo T chart.  It was provocative and provides a structure for getting some thoughts together…  I hope to take advantage of other offerings from the Westport Writers’ Workshops. It is a great initiative and provides great opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

–Elinor Biggs

“We covered a lot of material in a four hour workshop. I went home right away and used some of the tips. Seeing an immediate improvement in sentence structure it left me wanting more!”

— Morgaine Pauker

“Not every wonderful writer is a wonderful teacher, but Sandy Barron excels at both crafts. She teaches fiction writing with compassion and insight, offering the novice and experienced writers countless opportunities to hone their skills. Not only does Sandy pack each two hour class with her wonderful teaching, she also follows up with class emails loaded with  reading suggestions, poetry and other helpful tidbits.  All in all a gifted teacher!”

— Christine Pakkala

“Marcelle’s ‘Get Published Now’ workshop was absolutely fabulous and well worth both the time and money.  She gave clear directions, and walked us through how to research and pitch to editor whichsaved me hours of time trying to figure out where to go to have my essays published. I left feeling motivated more than ever to get my work out there.”

– Diane Weller

I really loved Matt’s presentation. I thought it was a great idea to cover the basics in “lecture-mode” and then try to drive home the ideas presented with the three writing exercises.  Matt did a good job covering a lot of material, but still keeping the focus on key dialogue concepts that would be helpful to me as a writer.

–Marshall Findley

Matt Debenham gave a great primer on scene, highly organized, useful and fun. That he made it participatory was useful.  I am very glad to have attended.

 –Sheila Traub

It was great!  Matt is an engaging and knowledgeable instructor. I’m learning in leaps that are filled with aha moments.

–C. Helms

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